1) Friendly instructors whom take the time to offer advice on any level
2) It,s members are kind and encouraging…no sniggers when you look like a beetle on it,s back ……….
3)Relaxation & time to switch off for an hour
4)More supple well I can nearly do happy baby even if it,s with only 1 leg at a time !
5)Lisa makes her classes so fun only those who go will know what we get up to with the wheel ! and balls and elastic straps between our knees !! great fun & u only do what is your limit …every body is so different so give it a go

Julie Angela Brundrett

I returned to yoga euphoria after 9 months of working away and it felt like it had only been a day. Everyone is so welcoming and kind there’s never a worry once you step through the door. Paris also leads a beautiful practice with so much enthusiasm. I would recommend yoga euphoria to anyone who would like a warm and friendly environment to be in with the joy of a beautiful relaxing guided yoga practice.

Karis Laurette Mulvey

Passing through the area and wanted to fit a practice in…Just what I needed – Incredibly welcoming and the perfect balance of physical and mental well being. Wish I lived closer!

Emily Humphreys

I love Yoga Euphoria. The classes and the yoga teachers are excellent. Also as a newbie I found everyone very welcoming. Thank you xx

Vini Lande

Best hot yoga class I ever done today. An the best yoga studio I’ve used to date. namaste

Iron Tutty


Inhale the future exhale the past