January Beginner’s Workshops

Do you feel tired and unfocused? Do you feel uncoordinated or inflexible? If you think you’re stuck with a stiff back or the effects of ageing then this workshop is for you.

Re-energize your mind & body, and reduce stress and tension while increasing your strength and flexibility. Our beginner’s workshops are designed to guide you through the basic alignment of the postures and general flow of a class in a relaxed welcoming environment. We will learn about breathing, posture and all things yoga this an all-encompassing program specifically tailored for beginners.

  • £5 per Session
  • Monday 8th January – 8:00pm  //  Wednesday 10th January – 8:15pm  //  Wednesday 17th January – 8:15pm
  • Newcomers to our studio are eligible for our £15 3 class starter-bundle, plus a free smoothie on your first visit!