6-week Complete Beginner Course – Thursday 17th May 9:30am

This 6-week Complete Beginner Course is on offer for those who are either complete beginners or for those who have practised yoga previously but would like to benefit from stripping postures and breath-work back down to basics.
Throughout the 6 week course, we will be focusing on the basic principles of breathing and focusing on correct alignment in postures. Allowing you to learn how to perform the fundamentals of any yoga class in a safe way.
If you have been wondering about trying yoga for a while now, we welcome you to dedicate yourself to this 6-week practice. Designed specifically for complete beginners, feel at ease in a relaxing, cosy environment. No pressure, no intimidation and there is no one that  ‘is not flexible enough’ to try this class out.
Thursday 17th May 9:30am